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Di Corvidae

I’m publishing patterns under a new label, di Corvidae. The patterns are sold as individual PDF downloads from Patternfish. The Bristlecone Collection seen here is the first collection under this label, and here is a peek at the creation.bristlecone_filmstrip




This cabled sweater is Vivika. I designed a very wide cable panel some time ago, inspired by Corkscrew Hazel. I often get ideas from plants and trees, I find their shapes very interesting. I was waiting for the perfect garment in which to use this cable panel, and I believe I found it. The panel fits well between the shoulders, so the armhole shaping is worked over the Stockinette stitch portions of the sweater.


Here is Katrien in progress. If you know me, then you are familiar with my Lopi obsession. Well, I have indulged. Here is a lovely shoulder wrap in my favourite yarn. I love Alafoss Lopi, the colours are amazing.


This spring and summer I will be visiting local gardens and arboretums in order to study the shapes of plants and flowers more closely, so that I can offer more nature-inspired patterns. I’m also planning some camping trips, as I find that an appreciation of nature can only be enhanced by campfires, beer, and toasting marshmallows. As wonderful as it is to have the convenience and culture of a city, it is so nice to get away from it for a while. Falling asleep to the sound of owls hooting in the distance is quite magical. Plus I can bring my wool.

Garment Photography: Anthony Biancardi. Still life photography: Robin Melanson.