New design booklet for Naturally Yarns

I got my new design booklet for Naturally Yarns  in the mail the other day! It’s a collection of 11 designs worked in Naturally Yarns ‘Waikiwi,’ a 4-ply yarn with a fiber blend of 55% Merino, 20% nylon, 15% alpaca, 10% possum.


I designed all of the projects in this booklet, and I created all the chart and schematic artwork. It’s always nice to see the final product after working for several months getting it all together.

Here is a brief synopsis of how the garments go from sketch to finished booklet: After the designs are decided upon, the instructions are written for the sample sizes, and the garments are knitted up on very short deadline. When the garments are ready, they are shipped off to New Zealand for photography. Next, the patterns are graded and the final drafts are written, charts and schematic are drawn in final form, and the instructions are edited and proofed. The final layouts are put together with the chosen photographs and the instructions. The booklets are printed and shipped to the distributors, and from there to the retailers.

The name/number of the booklet is Naturally Yarns BKWA4, Waikiwi Solids and Prints.

In Canada, Naturally Yarns products are distributed by Old Mill Knitting Ltd. You can locate a retailer near you here.

In the U.S., Trendsetter Yarns distributes Naturally Yarns products. Find a local retailer here.

If you are in New Zealand or Australia, you can visit Naturally Yarns website to find a local retailer here.

Here are a few images from the book:



I like this page from the inside cover, showing a few of the details up close, and a candid shot with a kitty.

If you are a Ravelry member, you can also visit the Ravelry page to see all of the projects from the booklet .

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